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The KTP visits Rumania

Irena Klissenbauer, our colleague from our management team would like to share this video of her visit together with our Romanian partners and supporters: the KTP Foundation, to the choir class of the “Mikes Kelemen Liceum” which is conducted by Elana Andrews.



One great year of the Superar Orchestra!


On Saturday, the 5th of April, our Superar Youth Orchestra celebrated its One-year anniversary! weiter

(Deutsch) Milica singt!

Our Choir Conductor Ismar Poric from Srebrenica wants to introduce us to his pupil Milica Zivkovic, she is the, without a doubt, very talented singer in this Video.

The song is  „Zajdi zajdi, jasno sonce“, a well-known Macedonian song, and Ismar does the accompaniment on the guitar.

(Deutsch) Die Superstars von Superar

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“Großes Festkonzert” – Great Performance

© ORF 2

The Superar concert “Großes Festkonzert” was a big successful performance! weiter

Caracas to Colorado

This video shares the story of El Sistema’s humble beginnings, how quickly it grew throughout Venezuela and beyond, and how the program is thriving in Colorado and worldwide.

sing. dance. on strings.

This is the video of the first joint appearance of our choir, orchestra and dance groups. weiter

superar at the Konzerthaus

Großes Festkonzert 7.03.14

Friday, 14th March 2014. 6:00 pm at the Wiener Konzerthaus- Großer Saal weiter

(Deutsch) Neuanmeldung für unser Jugendorchester X


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